How to Perform Tawaf for Ladies Umrah pilgrims?


The number of ladies Umrah pilgrims is almost half of the total Umrah pilgrims who perform Umrah. Women and men perform Umrah together at both in Hajj and Umrah. This year can be a great chance for the UK residents as they can perform Umrah in Ramadan at Easter Holidays.

Tawaf Performance

The procedure of tawaf for men and women is the same except the status of ihram. Women can assume the state of ihram in their casual clothing if they are neat and clean. Women don’t need to assume a specific dress code for tawaf performance.

Following are some important tips that are advised for women in Umrah performance:

• Women should show patience to others.

• Women shouldn’t shout out talbiyah in tawaf.

• You are allowed to walk in front of a person who is offering prayer in the courtyard of Masjid-al-Haram.

• Performing tawaf with one of your mahram is not a condition that you must be followed. Although, you should be accompanied by someone from your family members.

• If a congregational prayer starts in tawaf you must postpone your tawaf and join the prayer. You can either perform a complete tawaf again or start from where you left.

•  Try to reach to the designated area of women for praying as the call of prayer begins.

• If your wudhu is not maintained in your tawaf performance. You can stop during tawaf to perform wudhu. You can start from where you left or perform it whole again.

• If you are not sure about the validation of your wudhu. You don’t need to perform it again and your tawaf will be considered as valid.

• Tawaf area becomes crowded at most times. So, women are advised to perform tawaf at another floor to avoid the crowd and male interruption.

• If a woman is performing tawaf on the ground floor. It is advised to perform tawaf away from the closest circle of pilgrims around the Holy Kaaba.

• If you don’t remember about the count of the rounds that you had performed use the best of your memory to remember. You can also rely on someone else that is performing tawaf with you.

• Be careful of your surrounding while performing tawaf. You may conflict with other people or wheelchairs. Keep an attentive eye on your backpack also if carrying one.

• Learn about the conditions of Tawaf-al-Umrah. So, that you can learn about the things that are permissible and what are not permissible in Umrah.

In Umrah visa, women need to perform Umrah along their mahram. On the other hand, women can perform Umrah alone on visit visa. In my personal opinion, women should perform Umrah along with her family by contacting an approved Umrah agent.

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